Tax Return Questionnaire

By completing this questionnaire you are providing details to your dedicated tax expert to enable them to prepare your personal tax return, also known as a self assessment tax return.

Please complete each section of the questionnaire confirming your personal return details. If you have any questions please contact your point of contact.

Feel free to use the 'Any other information' box at the end of the questionnaire for any additional information.

e.g. 1234567890


During the tax year period as selected above please confirm if you have received personal income from the following sources:

Other Employment within the tax year outside of your own Ltd Company


Dividends received from your own Ltd Company


Other UK Dividend Income


Personal Bank/Building Society interest received


Pensions Received


Social Security Income


Rental Income


Capital Gains


Business Income (Self-Employment)


Child Benefit


Reliefs and Deductions

During the tax year period as selected above please confirm details for any relief or deductions and claims from the following sources:

Student Loans


Transfer of Marriage allowance

If you're married in in a civil partnership, and both you and your partner/spouse are basic rate taxpayers, you may be able to transfer some personal allowance.


Personal Pension Payments - Payments made personally


Gift Aid


I need to declare information relating to residency


Are you a Scottish Tax Payer?


Payments on Account


Any other information

Please also provide any other income or outgoings that you may think relevant in completing your Income Tax Return which may not have been mentioned above including foreign income and gains.

Supporting paperwork / Additional documentation

Please upload supporting paper work or any other additional documentation here. This will be sent to your accountant along with all the data.



You may be contacted for further confirmation.

When you submit this form a copy will be sent to the relevant point of contact and a confirmation email will also be sent to you to acknowledge receipt. A printed page is available in your browser should you like to print a copy of the details submitted for your records.